Socket Fusion Commercial TK-215 Tool

You are a geothermal contractor or a gas line installer and would like to equip your crew with the best tools available. So look no further because when it comes to socket fusion we offer one of the most advanced tools available on the market today. TOOL FEATURES PIPEFUSER comes with a 1600 Watt, 120 VAC heating element and 13′ power cable The thermostat control dial is infinitely adjustable for temperatures of up to 570 F PIPEFUSER comes in handy in tight spaces due to its narrow profile Heater adapters are manufactured in accordance with ASTM F 1056 and are coated with stick-resistant material Three pairs of heater adapters can be connected at a time if needed PIPEFUSER carries a two-year limited warranty NOTE: The tool is equally suitable for PE as well as PP pipe such as Aquatherm and IPEX WHAT IS INCLUDED? TK-202 Heater Tool, 1600W, 120 VAC, with 13′ power cable Heater Adapters (¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2″ – IPS) Depth Gauge/Chamfer Tools (¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2″ – IPS) Cold Rings (¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2″ – IPS) Second handle Ratchet Pipe Cutter Tape Measure Hex Key Temperature Indicator (500 F) Insulated Heater Bag Sturdy Carry Case. Carries a two-year limited warranty


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